“By ways of human innovation, enabling fish to restore their natural habitat and biomass.”

fishway omega3

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fishway omega3

What we do?

Improving seafood, being the main source of highly unsaturated
omega 3 as one of the healthiest nutrients for human
consumption, while not only saving the oceans and inland waters,
but placing animal welfare at the forefront.

We bridge the gap between supply and demand

By producing healthy and natural fish ingredients from fish cells
we will not only avoid overfishing and habitat destruction, but
also reduce greenhouse gasses and halt water pollution to give
the ocean and river’s life a better chance of long-term survival.

Aquaculture is a good alternative to reduce overfishing but the
reduction in the speed of global aquaculture growth from up to
10 percent per year to only 2 percent in 2018 is a major cause
for the need for alternative seafood production to cope with the
increasing demand.

The slowdown in aquaculture growth is compounded by the
adoption of broader environmental regulations, reduced
availability of water and suitable production locations,
increasing outbreaks of aquatic animal diseases and decreasing
aquaculture productivity gains.

Why we do it?